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eCommerce Monitoring

eCommerce Bot Monitoring

Global Bot Monitoring Initiative

We are absolutely thrilled to be a part of the global bot monitoring initiative supported by world leading academic and research institutions!

What’s It All About

This is a global research project aimed at collecting the most complete data on global bot traffic and making it available to a wide range of academic researchers.

The idea behind the project is simple:

  • Participants set up servers that monitor some of the traffic to their websites for several months. This integration and traffic is under the complete control of the members.
  • Anonymized traffic data is provided to academic researchers.
  • Participants get access to all research results and marketing benefits of participating in the project.

BotGuard contributes to the project as a server provider for monitoring bot traffic. We serve as the operator of the project infrastructure and do not provide any commercial services within the project.

What Do Program Participants Get

Everyone benefits from this project!

All businesses participating in the Global Bot Monitoring initiative will receive detailed analytical data on the nature and origin of their own traffic in the most complete form.

All participants will have access to anonymized data on the results of global monitoring by country, industry, and time period.

All participants will have access to all research carried out on the basis of monitoring bot traffic.

All businesses participating in the Global Bot Monitoring initiative will receive the status of an official partner and the opportunity to use it in their marketing activities.

How Much Does Participation Cost

Participation in the program is completely free.

If you have a significant amount of traffic or if you don’t want your traffic to leave the data center where your web servers are installed, you will need to provide a server to monitor the data. Server requirements are quite moderate, a regular VPS will work fine.

Apply For Participation

To participate in the program, please drop us a message at or click the button below.

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