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Municipality Website

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Municipality Website


A municipality in one of the Nordic countries with a population of about 25,000. Large concentration of historical sites dating back to the 12th century and later.

The town is a popular venue for festivals. As a result, a significant seasonal influx of tourists also causes peaks in online traffic.

The municipality’s website is botha platform where valuable proprietary, and in particular historical, content is published, and an aggregator of services for residents and tourists


The website experienced significant traffic from content scrapers, as a result of which valuable content was illegally copied on the network, which led, in particular, to degradation of the site's ranking. During the high season, traffic peaks slowed down some pages and especially forms on the site, and the site owner assumed that a significant part of this traffic was generated by bots.


  1. Provide a flexible traffic management solution "out of the box", without the need for complex integration or time consuming development of a customized solution
  2. Provide reliable and affordable protection against scrapers and ticket scalping bots


Integration and Customization

The customer uses a dedicated virtual server for hosting. Integration of the site using standard means took about 20 minutes from the website team. Our support team was happy to provide initial assistance with some custom rules.

Under the Hood

The standard backend integration based on the BotGuard NGINX extension module is used. The traffic control panel allows to distinguish and customize 8 standard and unlimited custom categories of visitors, from normal human visitors to highly sophisticated bots.

Results Achieved

Instant traffic reduction by an average of 16.5%, smoothing traffic peaks up to 52%. Complete and reliable scraper bots protection at a price lower than VPS hosting.