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Online Retail

Supermarket Chain

BotGuard eCommerce case studies

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International Retailer


Large supermarket chain operating over 100 stores in 6 countries.

Until recently, the company’s main focus was its offline business, taking steps to expand into new markets where new stores appeared.

Up until 2020, the online storefront had a small but stable share in the company's revenue.


During 2020, as restrictions were imposed due to the pandemic, the traffic of the online storefront grew several times over, which required a quick restructuring of the online infrastructure in the absence of a sufficient number of specialized personnel. The online division did not have specialized tools for traffic analysis and management and they had no real opportunity to assess the ratio of real consumers and parasitic traffic. Throughout this period, the company received a growing number of user complaints about seemingly completely unrelated problems.


  1. Provide the retailer team with a flexible traffic management solution "out of the box" to reduce traffic and load on servers by mitigating parasitic traffic
  2. Provide robust protection from L7 security and automated threats
  3. Reduce the workload on the engineering team by providing 24/7 BotGuard SOC support

Business Decisions Made

Free Monitoring and Sandbox Testing

BotGuard provided the retailer's team not only with the opportunity to test the service, but also monitor traffic for free over a long period of time in order to be able to assess its benefits and costs.

Protection Implementation

During the monitoring period, the retailer's team came to the conclusion that implementing the solution will lead to savings on resources that exceed the cost of the service, which made the choice easier.

Full 24/7 web application level security support

Providing expert support by dedicated security engineers was a key customer requirement in order to reduce the workload on their own team.

Technical Solution


A number of BotGuard Virtual Appliance nodes were deployed to the same datacenter to serve the storefront traffic with minimal network latency. The BotGuard servers are maintained and updated by the BotGuard Security Operations Center, while the retailer's team retains full control over storefront traffic and infrastructure.

Results Achieved


Complete, reliable infrastructure protection against security threats at the web application level with no significant upfront investment.

An exceptionally low level of false positives was achieved thanks to preliminary monitoring, traffic analysis, and protection rule customizations in automatic mode, but under the supervision of the BotGuard SOC team.

Significant savings in infrastructure costs have been achieved; As an additional effect, traffic peaks were significantly smoothed due to bot traffic mitigation.