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Shared Hosting Provider

BotGuard partner hosting case studies

You’re In Good Company

BotGuard is extremely flexible regarding partner integration. We believe you know what is best for your business. The choice is always yours.

Learn how companies like yours are implementing our protection.

Shared Hosting


Universal, massive and affordable service hosting ~100,000 websites

Large private datacenter

24/7 support and guaranteed privacy


  1. Protect hosting infrastructure from L7 security threats and automated threats
  2. Reduce the workload on the engineering team from maintaining free and homegrown WAF solutions
  3. Increase revenue from the enterprise segment by selling optional services

Business Decisions Made

Provide free protection against security threats to all users

BotGuard Cloud WAF is used at the provider infrastructure level. The BotGuard SecOps team is fully responsible for maintaining the service

Provide optional paid traffic management capabilities for premium plans

Configurable bot protection is available as an additional option for all premium plans. Clients can use the default automatic configurations or configure their own protection rules for each of the 8 categories of visitors.

Integrate optional protection enablement with all popular services and sections

Any premium plan user can add and configure their protection from the web builder, site editor, hosting plan, or hosting control panel, as well as e-commerce panel settings.

Technical Solution


Backend Integration

4 dedicated BotGuard nodes deployed to serve 100k websites, Apache server extension modules used for backend integration.

Frontend Integration

Instant seamless integration via WHM/cPanel and PLESK integration plugins

Business Integration

Traffic management service notifications and settings are integrated into all relevant user pipelines.

Hosting End-User Entry Points


Domain registration

Customizable website protection included in hosting services offered immediately after domain registration.

Hosting plans

Protection is included in all tariff plans

Website builder

The tools include a link to configure site protection.

Website design tool

The tools include a link to configure site protection.

eCommerce builder

The tools include a link to configure site protection.

Digital marketing

Website protection information is included in marketing materials.

Results Achieved


Complete, reliable infrastructure protection against security threats at the web application level with no upfront investment.

The number of registered incidents decreased by 61%, and the number of related user complaints also decreased significantly.

For the first time, the company has experienced no shortage of support and security engineers. BotGuard's support is rated exceptionally fast and competent.