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VPS Hosting Provider

Case Studies: Cloud VPS

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BotGuard is extremely flexible regarding partner integration. We believe you know what is best for your business. The choice is always yours.

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Cloud VPS Hosting (EU)

Company's Market Positioning

Developer friendly VPS environment supercharged with Linux Containers: high limits, super-fast SSD disks, awesome proprietary control panel

Combining the convenience and price of shared hosting with the capabilities of virtual dedicated servers.

Tens of thousands of clients in Europe and the USA.

Partnership Objectives

  1. Protect all customer servers without exception from automated threats
  2. Additional charges for the protection of premium plan clients with significant traffic volume

Business Decisions Made


Full protection against automated threats is provided to all users. The free plan is limited to 1 domain and 100,000 allowed hits per month. By default, protection is enabled, but it is optional and the user can disable it.


All hits and domains in excess of the monthly limit are charged, and the partner independently determines all prices for end users.


The BotGuard partner provides users with the ability to configure and manager their website traffic on their own. This is for web developer friendly hosting. Its main audience is skilled enough to set up any required custom protection rules, not limited to the automatic configuration provided by BotGuard.

Technical Solution Under The Hood

Backend Integration

2 dedicated BotGuard nodes deployed in the hosting network. BotGuard web server extension modules are integrated into predefined server images.

Frontend Integration

The integration required custom development based on the BotGuard API as the partner uses a proprietary hosting panel.

Business Integration

Free protection with limited monthly BotGuard API requests is enabled by default in all server tariff plans.

Hosting End-User Entry Points / Use Cases

Server plans

Optional Web Server Protection included with a free basic plan (limited monthly hits) and one paid major plan.

Server image builder

End-users can add pre-installed BotGuard software to the server images.

Proprietary hosting panel

Web Server protection integration based on BotGuard Partner API

Results Achieved in 6 months

More than 36% of newly created virtual servers use BotGuard protection. More than 23% of existing servers enabled BotGuard protection.

The number of recorded false positives is significantly less than 1%. All of them are custom in nature and easily fixed by fine tuning the specific website protection rules.