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BotGuard Traffic Explorer

Operational Guide

This guide is intended to assist new users with setting-up the BotGuard Traffic Explorer.


The BotGuard Traffic Explorer is provided as Virtual Appliance. This means that it’s a ready-to-use pre-configured virtual machine snapshot. All you need to do is import the image and customize the settings.

VirtualBox / VMWare

  • Download the .ova format file
  • Double-click the file to import it with VirtualBox or VMWare software:
Import the .ova file
Agree with the License Agreement
  • Wait a little while the virtual appliance is imported:
The Virtual Appliance is ready
  • Now the virtual appliance is ready and you can customize its settings. Perhaps, you might want to customize network settings:
Network settings

Network Adapter 1 is used to access the web and management interface of the instance, so it should be connected to the internet and available locally. Network Adapter 2 is used to monitor mirrored web traffic, so it should be connected to the monitored servers network.

  • After setting-up the network, start the machine:
BotGuard Traffic Explorer Virtual Appliance is now operational

Next, use a web browser to access the web interface to continue:

Sign in to the web interface

Please use default user name: botguard and password: botguard when logging-in the first time. We advise you change the default password soon after logging-in.

Configuring the appliance

Please protect the access to your new traffic monitoring system. Change the default password just after first login.