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WordPress Integration Manual

BotGuard provides a module ("plugin") for the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). The module source code is available on GitHub.

Installing the module is simple and standard:

  1. Download the WordPress module file.
  2. Open the WordPress control panel and go to the "Plugins" section. Click the "Add New" button:

  3. On the Add plugin page, click the "Upload Plugin" button:

  4. Click the Browse button, select the, which you have already downloaded, and click the "Install Now" button:

  5. Wait a few seconds for the plugin to complete installation, and click the "Activate Plugin" button:

  6. Open the menu and select "Settings" → "BotGuard" to open the Plugin settings page:

  7. Enter the primary and secondary BotGuard servers addresses, check the "Enable" box and click the "Save Changes" button:

    You can get the values of the BotGuard servers addresses from your BotGuard panel.