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BotGuard and Vultr

We are proud to announce that we’ve partnered with Vultr to ensure the availability of the BotGuard Gatekeeper on its cloud. Our state of the art cloud-based website protection is now available so that every Vultr user can manage the web traffic and protect their web servers in the cloud.

With the BotGuard Gatekeeper, you will be able to build a fully scalable, DDoS protected, and bot-secured website at minimal cost. Our solution comes with the perfect set of essential security features by default. It issues and renews TLS certificates automatically, meaning that all websites protected by our solution receive an A+ rating from Qualys SSL Labs test suite.

With more than 45,000,000 Cloud Servers launched, Vultr offers standardized, highly reliable high-performance cloud compute environments, and is one of the most renowned cloud hosting services in the world.

Be sure to check our app’s page and find out how you can get started in protecting your assets with both Vultr and BotGuard.