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Modern web threats: How can HSPs stay ahead of the curve?

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Bad traffic is a rapidly growing problem across the web and bot traffic is one of its biggest drivers. According to the latest Cledara report on overall SaaS spending, companies around the globe are ramping up their protection efforts and safeguarding their infrastructures.

However, in this particular segment, it seems that there is a gap in the market as most of the solutions available fail to distinguish legitimate human users from bots. In-house scripts or standard firewalls generally fall short and competitive solutions are complex, expensive and require more resources from the hosting company to keep it functioning correctly. Moreover, this situation is only to be aggravated considering that the new-generation bots are increasingly being designed with sophisticated human-mimicking techniques.

In order to address these new challenges, our solution safeguards your infrastructure from modern application level threats such as DDoS, crawler bots or brute force attacks by filtering web traffic at its landing point. Moreover, it also protects the websites you host, reduces the attack surface, and offers a wide range of security and performance features such as WAF, HTTP/3 (QUIC), TLS 1.3, 0-RRT, automatic SSL certificate management, content caching and rate limiting.

Although providing reliable protection is at our core, our solutions offer much more: cost-saving opportunities, new revenue streams, and 24/7 support. Besides optimizing your current resources, diminishing network traffic and reducing your server load up to 25% with low service costs and no upfront commitment, you’ll also be able to generate new revenue channels by upselling the service to customers while having total control over pricing and user policies.

We understand the excellence and quick problem-solving expectations your clients demand for you every day as a service provider. That’s why our clients have around-the-clock access to a qualified team of security specialists that is always ready to offer support related to all application level events without needing to access your infrastructure directly

If you would like to know more about our solutions be sure to schedule a meeting with our team using this link. If you happen to be attending Cloudfest this year, we would love to connect with you there! Book a meeting with our CloudFest team that includes our Co-Founder Nikita Rozenberg, here

Protect yourself and your clients before it’s too late. The moment to take action is now!