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A Short Custom Rule to Prevent Panic Attacks

We at BotGuard know what it’s like to help our users through moments of panic, but we’d rather help you save those nerve cells even though they probably can regenerate. Here’s a simple rule that might offer some prevention against stress-inducing moments.

BotGuard support team engineers sometimes encounter an unfortunate situation when a user, after enabling website protection, loses access to his or her website. This can happen because the behavior of the website developer or administrator seems atypical to the system and possibly dangerous. Developers often behave differently from ordinary visitors by engaging in what appears as suspicious behavior to the system. They may, for example, make unusual test requests, or gain access to the admin panel. In such cases, the reaction of the system is correct; it protects your site from attack. But what should the user do to prevent losing access to the website?

It is extremely easy to avoid such blocking. Just add this short and simple rule whitelisting your IP address or a range of addresses to your website protection “custom rules” as follows:

  1. Authorize your account and go to the ‘Website settings’.
  2. Enter the rule name, and fill the fields as shown in the picture: choose ‘IP Address’ from the drop-down list, type your real IP address, choose match type — ‘is’ and action — ‘Grant access’.
  3. Click ‘Add Rule’ to save the rule.

Voila! Now whatever you do, the system will not block you.